It was so hot that day. I leaned over the city council fountain to douse myself with the crystal cool goodness. I leaned over perked my lips and let the water gush down my throat with speedy gulps. “AAAAAAAAAA!!” It felt so good. I let the water trickle down my throat and kiss my neck, damn it felt GOOOOOOD! I cupped the water in my hands once I had had my fill and doused my face with it; divine. I rested my palms on the water fountain’s ceramic sink and lifted my cool face to the sky. The sun on my cool face was magical. I bent over again to drink some more, I slowly removed my sandals and cupped water and splashed it on my bare feet. The water on the hot ground evaporated and left a scent of freshness, like wet soil after the rain. I unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off my body and tossed it inside my bag. I cupped the water again and doused my chest and my head with water trickling down kissing my back. I let out a giddy laugh. I shook and let the water fling in the air like a shaggy dog. I loved it!

A street urchin stood next to me and stared. I looked at him drenched, “Kwani huna kwenu?” he blurted out. I looked at him and scoffed who cared? It was hot and I had found my Mecca of cool. I doused my head and chest once again slipped on my sandals and sat on a city bench. As usual the typical Kenyan reaction to this so called ‘improper’ conduct was to stare. I didn’t care much for it. People pee and take a dump in public and all I did was make full and good use of the city’s water supply which I pay for in my taxes. Huh!

There I sat and pulled out my ice cold bottle of water that I had bought and savoured every bit of its icy chill. Oops too fast! Brain freeze. First the hiss, using my index and thumb I held my temple and tried to shake it off. I grit my teeth but I couldn’t hold it in any longer I yelled so hard, the street came to a standstill and the people seated next to me stood up with clicks and palm and finger points of disgust. Of course I scoffed at them, but what I didn’t notice till I lay on the bench was I had only a vest on; the shirt I had removed was a shirt dress….. Explains the one man who stayed on the bench I lay on.


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