The crowd was in a trance, their hands were in the air and they were waving side to side.  Women were on men’s shoulders screaming; one woman flashed her boobs at the band and then went wild. Underwear was flying on stage; the lead guitarist was drenched in his sweat and bobbing his head. The lead singer had flung his shirt off and jumped on stage shaking his dreadlocks. The crowd went wild.

It was an ocean of cheers; all the faces seem to merge into one and the screams in to one loud scream. The drummer went wild, he stood up and back flipped across the stage and the bass guitarist let his rhythm rip to the staccato of the lifts and lands of the drummers flips. The jumbotrons across the coliseum were wild with images of sweaty, semi nude bodies gyrating and hands swaying in the air.

The lights dimmed and the song ended. The crowd went wild. Then the ground shook. People cheered thinking it was a special effect. Then wild and frantic screams could be heard from the rear moving up to the stage. The crowd moved like a sea parted by Moses. A huge canyon emerged and split the audience. Couples were yelling each other’s names, crying and sharing emotional sentiments and gentle glances.

Then the ground began to rumble again. Those closest to the edge of the canyon began to fall in screaming. They fell straight into a fiery pit. Some people began to faint others high on drugs jumped in playfully thinking it was a swimming pool. Then out of the ground a space ship emerged to the surface with human bodies and blood splattered on its aluminum shell. A beam emerged and began to zap people willy nilly.  The crowds dispersed in opposite directions all running to exit the coliseum.

When the blue beam hit anyone they disintegrated. One girl who had been making out in the stands was zapped with her lover in her arms; her face went first before the rest of her body followed in a ball of blood and entrails. The space ship rotated its beam getting a fair share of every corner of the coliseum; it was piles of bloody and smelly waste; the stench of death. The space ship rose and bust through the roof of the coliseum and vanished in a spark of bright light.


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