The pile of rubbish fell on Eric, he had been warned severally about sleeping in the scrap section of the dump site. Now he was screaming, shrapnel had ripped his belly and left an egregious protrusion of his intestines. Eric’s screams turned hysterical, what the others did not know, was Eric was holding his intestines.

“HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP!!! This isn’t normal. Oh! My God! Oh! My God! HEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!” Eric chocked and started spitting, tears gushed and he drooled liked a rabid dog. He was so far inside the scrap section of the garbage pile that it took at least half an hour to lift the lighter scrap metal above him. When Eric heard the other boys closer to him, he yelled. “NAKUFA NIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEE” He was now slowly passing out. Then he heard a heaving sound and the walls of scrap metal began to collapse. Eric was shook to consciousness, he was passing out, he had lost a lot of blood and now his intestines were flowing freely in the scrap. Eric had lost feeling in his arms. He was going. Then one last tug and a beam of light flowed in.

“GAI MWATHANI.” Cosmas yelled. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Elijah slapped Eric in the face to keep him conscious, Cosmas yelled and gestured to the other boys to help, this was not a one man’s job. ‘Leta hiyo kit yako.” Simiyu was the aspirational one, he always kept clinical material for what he called ‘the day he will become doctor’.

Simiyu came running with a filled plastic bag while putting on a blood stained lab coat. It was his moment. He put the surgical gloves over his dirt stained hands. While he climbed the pile with the agility of a monkey, he tripped and fell head first on part of Eric’s intestine. Eric woke up and let out a blood curdling cry and started panting. His brow was doused in sweat and he kept asking for water, his eyes were turning white. The dump ‘doctor’ got up from his mess and carelessly lifted Eric’s intestines. “Unado?”  Cosmas asked as if he knew any better. They smelt something and sneered, Eric had defecated from the pain.

Simiyu looked at the others and directed them with his head to a more open place that had a dusty mattress; there he would ‘operate’. Cosmas and Elijah, looked at each other, now doused in Eric’s blood and then at Eric and then the mattress, then Simiyu then back at each other. They shook their heads, and placed Eric steadily on the ground, he let out a faint groan as they eased him on to a dry patch on the ground.  Simiyu was adjusting his gloves making a smack sound, proud and ready. He had picked a used syringe and pushed the bottom up hoping to have the usual sprinkle of medicine.

Cosmas and Elijah looked down at Eric who had clearly died, covered him with a sheet of scrap iron and walked away. That was the life they lead, they survived on scraps and like Eric died by it.


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