It never makes sense

My friend, Hammy, told me that I would not like what I see when I get to know more about his species. I did not listen; what was it with slapdoves? The name in itself should give something away. Slap and dove, meekly violent or violently meek maybe? You see, I am a treysnail, we tend to be faster than the usual snail, more colourful, and communal creatures. We are what I like to call a cautious and optimistic species; where logic and heart converge. I always believed that since slapdoves were similar in appearance to us we may just have a lot of similarity.

You see us treysnails are lean, with an unusual chunkiness in the midriff and lower abdomen like the slapdoves. We live to about the same age as slapdoves and we intermarry. There never really was much of an issue before, until I ignored Hammy’s warning. I was tired and needed a break from the usual, loud chatter, endless toil and grooming; what nature thrust upon my kind. Hammy had told me that he had some relatives far off in the mountains; cool and calm with a great view from grand oaks were they perched. Who would turn that down, slavery to freedom?

I flapped to the forest where I met Hammy’s family. His brothers were warm and always making merry. We settled in for the evening. I was used to the labor and toil of Treysnails, you had to work to eat. Here to eat, they just preyed on their neighbours food. Not that they shared, they would literally snatch food from their neighbours and run to a shelter where they would gobble it all up. They were beasts; pure carnality.  

I went to bed that night trying to convince myself that it was just a one off event. The subsequent days and nights was the same. This behavior revolted me, but I stayed hoping things would be better. But on my fifth night, I regretted visiting. Hammy always told me, “Slapdoves use you.” I found out a gross necessity this revolting species required.  Slapdoves require the presence of treysnails to bear young.

When we had gone through the stupid snatch a grab feeding ritual, Hammy’s uncle stood and began to flap his wings and crane his neck, his mid section started to swell, then groaned deeply with an unusual reverb as he stared at me. I stood to walk away from this revolting scene, as I stepped back I bumped into Hammy’s family who now had their eyes popping out of their sockets groaning and beating their wings as well. Then all of a sudden a huge gush of blood doused us and there right next to Hammy’s uncle was…..Hammy’s uncle? 


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