Blame Kirana

Aladdin’s genie got fed up of the three wishes nonsense. It had been 4,000 years of the same nonsense. What he didn’t know was his lamp was no longer buried safe in the desert it had been unearthed in Kenya.

And right in the heart of Kakamega forest; 19 year old Kirana was taking a walk. He picked up the lamp and dusted it off. He went to a nearby stream to wash off the lodged dirt to see the inscription on the side. It was in Arabic, nothing he could read even if he cleaned it off. He used his shirt to rub the lamp dry and shine it, the lid popped open and the genie came out stretching. Kirana fell and dropped the lantern on the ground.

The blue genie looked down at him and shook his head. “Where the hell is this?”

“Ka-ka-ka- kakamega.” Kirana stuttered.

“Kaka what? I didn’t sign up for this!” The genie exclaimed and then stared at him.

Kirana looked at him then around his environment to make a run for it. He pointed in the direction to the rear of the genie. Genie turned and then Kirana made a run for it. The genie flew and tapped Kirana’s sweaty shoulder drenched from fear than running. The genie pinned him down.

“Look pal you have three wishes that quite frankly I am fed up of dishing out, you are the last person I am granting wishes to before I smelt my lamp

and be free forever.”

“Nothing. I want nothing.” Then Kirana ran and stopped and turned in the direction of the lamp.

“Do you still need your lamp?” The genie looked at Kirana funny wondering what happened to the usual spitfire of requests. The genie responded with a curious look. “Maybe… why?”

“Want to make some tea and I thought it would be nice to use a fancy artifact like this.” The genie laughed and passed the lamp to him and flew off never to be seen again. Kirana never knew what he lost. All he knows is that whenever there is a need for the best tea, despite where or how it is brewed; the lamp morphs it into a spiced sensation. So the next time you wonder where the genie may have gone, screwing up your chances of getting your three coveted wishes blame Kirana!


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