Sandy Odyssey

The day was so hot, they all felt like their skin was melting. The fairer skinned were flushed and scaly. The darker skinned looked like live shadows against the sandy back drop and clear blue skies. One man gave in and tossed off his vest and walked around bare-chested. He looked 9 months pregnant. Nauseating. But he wasn’t one to bother. If anything the direct sunlight might melt off a few pounds from that cage of constipation. I could have sworn I saw kicking in there. Eeek!

The ladies were modest, but smart, they wore long free frocks. And with the occasional gust of window there was a long line of Marilyn Monroe picturesque dress grabbing to avoid any indecency. The horizon was a burning mirage, lips were dry, feet were dusty and there was silence. When the wind blew you could hear gasps of relief just to have the dusty gust cool down their burning bodies.

Akasa was tired and started panting and gasping for air, he couldn’t move any further. 10 other before had thrown in the towel kilometers before. The only evidence that we could see of what remained of them was piles of vultures fighting and tugging on flesh. It deserved Akasa right, it was his bright idea to avoid the Bedouins and ‘find our own way which would be more fun.’ The explorative idiots, who outnumbered my dissent to losing the Bedouins, were now thirsty, and  short of eating each other’s flesh were now paying for this ‘grand’ adventure.

“We should have listened!” Hasana yelled.

People were too tired to say anything. I just stared at her and ‘flipped the bird’. She was one to talk now wasn’t she? What the hell did she know? She was the one wiggling in her now filthy, piss stained harem pants that we should keep going and ‘follow the wind to adventure.” And the twat thought it would be better to trek than get camels!!! What the hell was I doing there you wonder?

It started with an email group after a high school reunion. We thought, about 20 of us, to explore some of the wildest African sites. How much wilder and untamed is the Sahara desert? None is like it. And off we went, off to in to the sandy, hell of nature. Awesome! Well that was up until some of us were eaten alive by vultures and scorpion bites, and the few we lost who died of thirst, we only found them after realizing we had been trekking for five days round in circles.

“Wait!” Akasa lifted his head from the sand as if his sandy crystal ball had revealed a new truth and way out of this scorching hell. He raised his hand as if feeling for something, looked around and ululated.

We looked at each other wondering if this is what the end came to. Akasa ululated again, what followed left my heart racing and sweat glands working faster and harder than the past few days in the desert.


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