Freaky Geezer

Andrew wasn’t ashamed of himself. Yes, he had just snatched a board game from a child because he was rude and threatened to tell on him. “Old fart get someone your own age to play with.” May have been out of line, but what was a 87 year old man doing visiting a 10 year old ‘friend’ and playing board games with? It may be cute or paedophilic depending on how you look at it, but this 87 year old was like Michael Jackson; an adult in flesh but a child in mind and heart.

Andrew was competitive and had the agility of a gymnast. The weird thing about Andrew’s condition was that it wasn’t senility driving him to his behavior. He was fully aware of his actions, his memory was intact. He knew he had his own children and grandchildren. He would swap from spoilt teen to repressive father when he was with his children and a competitive and outdoor exploring teen with his grandchildren. His grandchildren loved it, his children, not so much with an exception. His children had taken him to various geriatric physicians and neurologists, he was just fine. So here Andrew was, an adult –teen.

Bullying the kids and shoving them around like a neighbourhood wasn’t enough. He would bring home twenty year old girlfriends. He would always tell his children on weekend visits that he ‘scored’ with unflinching enthusiasm.

His eldest, Tina wasn’t fond of it especially when she walked in on him, with a weekend fling, with her son Ian who aptly yelled, “look grandpa is playing horsey.” Tina was torn between yelling, covering her eyes and her sons or shoving the poor kid out or whipping a gun out and firing a warning shot to have the ‘young whore’ flee out the window.

Andrew loves recalling that story and sharing it at meal time disregarding children’s presence. “Dad you are crude.” Jullian would howl from across the table.

“And I wish mum was around” Drew would chime in for good measure with a wink. Drew named after dad was the worst of the children. He would pretend to support his sisters; behind their back he was busy getting pointers from dad.

“Who cares about responsibility?” Andrew would yell at his children. ‘You are all grown up, my wife died and left me with her blessing. I have wealth and comfort. I can live my life all over again.”

That was going to change, how? They had no clue, but Jullian and Tina put together would have dad back from neighbourhood bully to sober adult in no time.


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