She was in an irritable mood. She had so much to do but the disruptions were endless. “Purity! We need that invoice sent in.” A voice demands.

“Were’s my script Purity?” Another voice shouts across the hall. “You just gave me a cardboard box for a brief you Twat! How do you expect me to whip up a script for you now?”

Her phone rings! “What? WHAT?! NOW?!” She answers, very curt. “What?”

“Ok?! Someone is having a foul day.” The voice on the other end of the phone says.

“What do you want with me? I really do not have time for this.” She retorts.

“OK miss ‘I am angry at the world’, not that you care about anything else but yourself, but Sammy is ill?”

“What? Which Sammy, we are related to a dozen of them literally.”

“Sammy, ‘he saved your life’ Sammy?”

The phone line went quiet. Purity had tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Hello? Hello? You there Purity? Hello?”

Purity let out a long sigh and sniffed. Then she let out a long exhale.

“Yeah I am here.” she croaked. “What happened to him, I saw him about a week ago and he was fine…”

“Heart attack, can you believe it, he was the fittest guy I know, treated his body with so much sanctity. Even I don’t get it….” The other voice fades and snivelling becomes more apparent.

“Trent. How is Dorothy handling it?”

“That’s the thing, she isn’t, she just lost it and….and…..”

“Trent! And what? What is going on? Is she ok?”

“That’s why I am calling you Purity, Todd and Lisa….the kids…. they need you.”

“What happened to Dorothy, Trent?” Purity’s eyes now bulging from behind her glasses and her heart racing so loud she could hear it in her ears.

“Dorothy lost it…the kids woke up and  there she was?”

“What do you mean there she was Trent, is she ok?” Purity’s voice began to pitch higher.


Purity hung up, grabbed her jacket and phone and ran to get a cab outside her office.

“Hey! Purity where are you going? My script?!” the same nagging voice called out behind her.

“You can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine Alice!” Purity barked as she ran out. She ran into the lift and as the doors shut, she looked at her reflection, her face was worn and exhausted. She had this forlorn look. Then as she began to imagine what could be going on with Dorothy, the lift beeped and she sped out of the building’s revolving doors knocking people on her way out to get a taxi. 


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