Sucky love

Today Furaha realized what heartbreak was. She had had break ups before, but for the first time she felt a depth of pain that she could not describe in words. She picked up the phone and called Alpha, her best friend. ‘I don’t really understand why I keep doing this?”

“Doing what?”

Furaha started to cry. “Talk to me love,” Alpha tried to calm her down. “Do you want me to come over?”

“No it is too far and too late, could you give me a minute.” Furaha’s crying turned into a flood gate of sobs with a periodic, ‘Why am I so stupid?” Alpha listened through the receiver silent with a forlorn look on her face. 10 minutes passed by and Furaha heard her phone beep. She was out of minutes. Her phone disconnected.

Alpha called back panicked not aware of what happened. “Are you there, I lost you there, worried me. Want to talk now?” Furaha shook her head as if Alpha could see, then she spoke soon after.

“Alpha my heart hurts so bad. I literally feel like life has been drained from me. I feel weak.”

“What happened?” Alpha hastily jumps in “Furaha you need to talk to me. I am in the dark here. At least help me help you. Give me details.”

“I should have listened to you Alpha. I do not understand what is wrong with us women. I gave my heart to someone who couldn’t give me his.”

“Oh! Here we go again. I thought we had moved on from the Faraji situation.” Alpha’s empathy was out the window and tough love was about to rain on Furaha’s pity party.

“Look Furaha! I know loving someone is something that takes time to get over, but beating yourself up will not help.”

“But…” Alpha interrupted. “No buts young lady, we have been down this road a million times with Jamie, Harry, and even your Dad dying. You need to open your eyes and see there is more to life than being with someone in a relationship.”

“Yeah I know.”

“Give your heart to someone who matters more than anything else in this world. Give your heart and love to yourself! Fall in love with you!”

“Yeah! Your right!” Furaha sat up, back straight wiping away her tears with a  smile on her face.

“You are damn sure I am!” Alpha had a feeling that Furaha was smiling.

“Are you….”

“Yeah I am smiling Alpha! Thank you so much for letting me whine.”

“No problem.”

Alpha’s expression changed from relief to worry, she knew she needed to tell Furaha why Faraji dumped her. She didn’t know how or when would be the best time. The silence felt awkward.

“Got to go now…talk later, love you!” It was quite curt and emotionless. Then Click.

“Bye.” Furaha said to a dead line. She had no idea what was yet to come to smash her heart in. Alpha knew more than she let on. 


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