“Can you hear me?”  The voice sounded distant and hollow. “Can you hear me Hannah?”  I opened my eyes and all I saw were bright lights. I squinted and closed my eyes again. I could hear someone scream and another person mumbling something. Then I heard it again. “Can you hear me Hannah? Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

What the heck? I didn’t know why that was the only question that seemed appropriate to ask, I was kind of liking the sleep. I moved my hand, or so I thought…. I couldn’t feel it. I lifted my head and opened my eyes. What was going on? I opened my eyes and screamed, “It’s too bright!!!”The lights above me where so harsh, my eyes began to water. I felt something heavy land on my chest and something else smother my face, it was wet. Then all of a sudden the wetness disappeared, and the weight was lifted. I could breathe, but that wetness smelled like saliva gross! ‘Please wipe my face someone.”

I opened my eyes and saw many eyes looking at me. My eyes focused on where the questions were coming from. Pearly white teeth and perky lips and such fresh breath I thought. And such chocolate skin. Then I felt something sharp in my arm. I screamed. “Why can’t I feel my hand and why did you poke my arm?” Then after that I blacked out.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. It was a persistent sound. Its persistence kept me awake. I opened my eyes and felt for my hand again. “Oh! There you are!” I tried to lift it, but something was holding it back. I thought that maybe that jab I got did that. I tried lifting my left hand, but it was held back as well. “What in the world is going on?” I started tugging and realized my feet were also tied down. I couldn’t turn. Now I was going to bring on the hail of Hannah hell! Why was I strapped in?

I tossed and finally resulted in yelling “GGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTT ME OUUUUUUUUUUTTTT!” A door slammed open and hit the wall! I heard something squeaky wheeling towards me. My back was tired of carrying this weight. I was distressed. The wheeling stopped and a black gorgeous face appeared. It was familiar. I was a bit dazed then it hit me. Wait! Isn’t this the……..   “Ooouch! Not you again! Evil bastard.” Then it all went black again.

This time I awoke to yelling, still on my back. I gave up on trying to let loose. I looked up and gave out a…well…I thought it was a yell. But it came out as a whisper. Then I used my fist and hit the cold metal. Needless to say my yell of agony got their attention.

“Hannah! It’s Mama.”

“Do you know where you are?” A deep Denzel voice said.

“Mama? Mama! Where am I? ”


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