The waves crashed against the rocks repeatedly. It was high tide and everything that was lost in the ocean was slowly being brought to the surface with every crash. The lighthouse a few metres away from the shoreline shone its light bright, nothing stirred except the waves and the occasional crabs scuttling across the sand. It was a warm night; normally dozens of people would be out at the beach with a bonfire, or the mischievous couple pleasuring themselves. Tonight was different everything was still, silent yet so beautiful.

Tara couldn’t sleep, it was 2 o’clock in the morning and she took a walk to the beach. The moon was full and bright, it made the waves glisten as they rose and fell. The Ocean was breathtaking. ‘Swoosh! Crash! Swoosh! Crash!’ Tara imitated the sound of the Ocean as it rose and fell, she started humming Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5 and rose from her sandy seat conducting an imaginary orchestra. She bobbed her head, briskly moved her hand up and down, sideways and up again, nodding more vigorously. She dropped her imaginary conductor’s baton and spun herself round and landed on her back on the sand with a thud a burst of infectious laughter.

Tara could hear music all around her; she sighed and smiled wide and bright. She began pointing at the stars and humming a tune she made up. Tara was in awe of what was around her, she spread her arms above her head and her legs wide as she could and moved them around in an upward and downward motion; creating a sand angel.

Tara was oblivious of her loud humming. She rolled over and faced the rocks with the waves crashing and soon she began to hear another sound, slight but piercing. She stood carefully and inched toward the sound. She walked up to the huge boulders on the shore and climbed one and peered over, “NO WAY!” she yelled before she toppled over and almost crushed the half dead creature that had been brought to shore by the waves.

Tara quickly kicked herself off frantically, screaming and panicky. The creature reached out to grab her arm and whispered, “Help me.” It’s limbs were mangled, there was blood gushing out of its side, it had hit the rock hard with the momentum from the wave. Tara stood above it, gasping for air and crying. She couldn’t leave it; she knew she needed to help it. But how?


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