Narnia Elementary

Mandy was always treated different by the other Centaurs. She wasn’t as gallant as the rest and it didn’t help that she was half Zebra unlike the rest who were half Stallion. So whenever she stood next to the other Centaurs during class she looked quirky. She was the butt end of jokes. Since her legs weren’t as hairy as per Centaur specification and her stripes made her legs look swollen on occasion, she was always called a giant hobbit.

Mandy got tired of it and spent more time with the Griffins. They were very graceful and pretty respected on the playground. Who wouldn’t? Anyone who teased them would be hunted down during play time and given a lion ass whooping in the rear.  You better be scared! They were kind to her and treated her like one of their own.

Mandy had been depressed in school for so long. She had hoped to do more with her life than hoping not to be teased. She hated school; her parents constantly downplayed how bad things were for her. They just didn’t get it.

This was about 6 generations from Frodo who cared about the tales of “the ring” or the battle to win Narnia! There was no white witch and here was Aslan who would breath life back in to people; now breaking up fights amongst Minotaurs, Hobbits and Faun’s trying to relive their parents wild days. Play time was all storytelling and fighting, it needed some shaking up. Mandy was fed up.

One day Mandy walked in to the forest with Amanda a hobbit also fed up of the mundane. Mandy knelt and started sobbing; Amanda stroked her brow trying to console her. Up from the sky some Griffins flying and fooling around stopped and descended to see what was going on. Neither Amanda nor Mandy wanted to speak they both sat still, withdrawn and lip tight.

A Griffin, Steven, the goofier of the flock started to sing:

Drip! Drop! Tear Drop,

No hurt it can’t heal,

Fear not, want not,

Because Daddy will be soon here.

The Griffins began to sing along and slowly lift Mandy from the ground. Mandy was too depressed to notice. They continued to sing

Care not, Cry not…

…Because your worst fear is gone…

Their singing began to sound windy. Mandy opened her eyes and there she was hundreds of feet off the ground flying with Griffins. Her smile was ear to ear, there was nothing to cry about any more she knew just where they were taking her.


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