That night the heavens had severe diarrhea, they would not give. It started at around 2 O’clock in the afternoon, and Nolari’s shift was going to be ruined by it. She had worked on stormy nights before, but this rain was relentless. She tried calling Stella and Amina to find out where they were. She wanted them to kill time together then head out to work. But both their phones were off. When it got to 7pm and the rains’ bout, slowly began to ease, Nolari left the house. She was on her way to meet Amina at the usual spot then head to work with her. But when she got there Amina was a no show. “Fala! Nkt!” She muttered something more explicit and kept walking.

Nolari turned and took another route it was less flooded, but not well lit. Not the smartest move. She inched along the poorly lit street now strewn with garbage and the contents of some of her neighbours tummies floated freely and shamelessly along the road. “Aaaargh! Amina utalipa!” Amina was definitely going to pay for this once Nolari got a hold of her.

A car sped by and washed her with the sludge and mud! Needless to say Nolari sent out a war cry and a tirade of profanity. She wiped off some of the mess from her face as she turned back to go home and change. She lost the fight with her tears and was now making loud grunting noises as she grit her teeth. She walked as she attempted to wipe the mess off her legs.

As she leaned forward to wipe her shins as she walked, she tripped over something huge. Like a log of wood. She screamed violently. “Aki Amina leo nitakuua.’ Amina was going to have it tonight when Nolari got to work.

The log of wood made a groaning sound and rolled. “Uuuuwwwii!” was all Nolari said and leapt; the pain was miraculously gone. The log rolled over again and made this moaning sound and started vomiting plastic. Nolari was plugged to the ground, a random street light decides to turn itself on. And the rain showered down again.

Nolari’s face was moist and drooping, her lips were trembling and pouty, she was the Menegai crater finally alive after years of dormancy ready to explode.  As she stood their frozen and confused, the street light was now illuminating the ‘log’. A man was slowly unraveling himself from a reel of plastic paper, he was moaning, like a zombie resurrected from the grave. 


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