Royal Twist

My eyes were fixated on her teal lipstick against her ebony skin as she spoke. As her lips pursed, puckered and parted as she spoke, I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect white teeth that look like polished ivory. Her perfectly carved long nose was the foundation of her face. The perfect slant of her nose was perfectly set in the middle of her bright hazel bug eyes. Her eyes were as white as her teeth, her camel eye lashes batted as her lips and nose swayed to the direction of her words.

A beautiful gold tiara rested on her brow. Her hair underneath the tiara however jostled around like a tree in the forest. Her ears looked like an elf pointy at the tip with long lobes. Her face was a mystical treat. She was regal yet comical, never had I seen such a combination. She stood to excuse herself. Her gown flowed to the ground, its twists and turns cupped her body; Africa had bestowed upon her its rich bodacious essence.

Her gown was slightly shorter at the fore and revealed contorted and gnarled toes. Her longest toe, not her big toe, looked like it was trying to crawl away, poking out of her sandals touching the ground as she walked. No one spoke.

This beauty had been spoken of far and wide in the land, but up until today I had never gazed up on this beautiful clown. Stories had been told of her parents. She was the daughter of Princess Suni and Lanahan the court jester. Their love was believed to be the essence of their daughter; comedy and royalty.

The King banished Princess Suni for falling in love with the scum of the kingdom used as a source of ridiculous entertainment. The King believed that his daughter was only to be bequeathed by the finest princes the land had to offer. But because the princess went against her father’s wishes, she was banished and cursed to bear the essence of her love.

Princess Tara was a physical representation of that love. She was innocent, humorous and awkwardly normal for royalty. Despite being banished, the King did not strip the princess Suni of her crown. He did so with a condition that the jester would never be in line on the thrown and she would only bear one child who would be next in line after Princess Suni’s demise.

Princess Suni was in love and didn’t put much mind to her father’s agreement. Now she had conceived a second child. The King was out to ensure that his agreement was honored even if it meant killing his own blood. 


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