Wet Bliss

Everyone was laughing except me. I felt sorry for the poor man. He had started off his show pretty well. A few laughs here and there and then it all went downhill when one man in the audience yelled something at the front. Laughter flowed all the way from the front to my back seat, but I didn’t hear what it was all about. All I saw was the comedian’s facial expression change from “I am so hilarious” to “I will kill that sun of a gun and serve him his throat.”

The laughter died down and then more popcorn insults started to fly. The comedian walked off stage and some started to cheer and give a mocking standing ovation and more insults were flung. I had had a long day and I really wanted to laugh not sit and watch someone else being torn apart the same way I had been at work the whole day. I moved from the restaurant section of the club to the bar counter.

If comedy wasn’t going to smooth things through it was going to be a nice smooth drink. I ordered two tots of the strongest drink I could get. I watched the drink flow in a steady swoosh in to my glass. My glass turned from transparent to beautiful liquid gold. My mouth began to water, my arm reached out for the drink. I lifted it to my lips, a drop kissed my lips and rolled down my chin. It felt so good.

I lifted the glass to my lips again and let the golden sensation flow down my throat. It was heavenly! I had been 6 months sober, but today, I couldn’t help it. I felt alive, I felt revived and invincible. I ordered more doubles and doused them down one after the other. I lost count at 10. Every hit felt like a splash into a crystal blue ocean. I could have sworn the warmth I felt was in the water around me. Up until I heard, almost as if under water, voices in a blurry distance yelling at me, others were laughing and pointing at me. One person shoved me, and I fell to the floor on my side and landed in a puddle. It stank. I touched my skirt and there was a wet patch. Crap! Maybe I should have stayed sober.


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