Grandma stood up to grab another cup of milo in the kitchen. Grandpa had tuned out the noise and concentrated on what was on TV. The biting, hair ripping and screaming stopped when the youngest grandchild, the cute TJ pointed to a sack full of sponge that Grandma used to make floor cushions.

In 3 minutes a muslin bag full to the brim with sponge had been toppled over and the children had created a fictitious swimming pool all over the living room carpet. Grandpa was completely aloof to his surroundings. The irony of it all was that his hearing and vision were stellar.

“What are you doing?” Grandma walked back to the living room.

“Andrew! Can you see what the children are doing here?” Grandma screamed. The children laughed and ignored the old folks. Nana was making gasping sounds and crawling on her tummy through the sponge with Lenny yelling “Swim faster!” behind her.

Grandma shook grandpa and pointed at his grandchildren now drowning in sponge and she looked at him completely baffled.

“Did you seriously not see or hear these children as they did this?”

Grandpa just shrugged his shoulders. “Can I have some tea as well?” was all he said and went back into his trance, or whatever it was that made him completely oblivious of the catastrophe caused by his grandchildren.

Becky walked in and screamed, Grandpa was jolted off his seat and glanced to where the sound came from. Becky had dropped her groceries, consisting of children’s toys and sweets which had now spilled and mingled into the spongy pool.

“Dad! What happened here?” Becky demanded of her father. “I just left you here with the children for an hour. AN HOUR dad!”

Grandpa looked at her with disdain, pointed in the direction of his mother then grunted and continued watching TV. What broke up the pool party in the living room, was the mess that ensued shortly after Becky’s outburst. Eddy was stuffing sponge in his ear, nose and mouth, while the twins, Andre and Norman were busy shoving sponge down Leila and TJ’s clothes, with TJ now screaming at the top of her lungs fighting back.

Becky was overwhelmed and exhausted but had enough energy to express her disdain for her father’s callous behavior that seemed completely unlike him. She then jumped in to break the potential hospital visit, by dislodging the almost ingested sponge by Eddy and broke up the torment on Leila and TJ. Becky yanked the kids by the arm and sent them upstairs were they could do less harm. Just when Becky thought she could breathe again, her father turned to her. “Could you turn up the volume please?”  She just folded and cried and fell on the heap of sponge. “Dad, the remote is right next to you!”

“Oh!” was all Grandpa said, smiling and shrugging his shoulders.


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