Family Gem

Most sane people will make statements like, ‘it is so hot I wish I could walk around in my underwear and leave it at that’. Not Anthony, he is what Kenyan’s like to say “Kusema na Kutenda”. He was a man of his word.

It was his sister’s wedding day and it was a really hot day, he made a remark of the heat and just as the vicar asked the question, “does any man or woman object to this union? Please speak or forever hold your peace.”Anthony raised his hand, not in protest. He was half way through peeling off his shirt and vest to reveal his chest. Impeccable timing to show off his hairy amazonic chest.

Tim was lucky to catch him at that point because next to the ground would have been his trousers. As usual in love, his younger brother, Tim ushered Anthony to the gents to help him put his clothes on. No one laughed, no one jeered, everyone understood Anthony. He may have been 45 years old, but he needed the extra help.

When Anthony and Tim emerged from the gents they were just in time to see their sister dance down the aisle in celebration; she was married! Anthony rammed in to her almost ripping of her veil and with a sloppy kiss wished his sister well. He messed up half of her face’s makeup. That didn’t bother the radiant Sarah. She loved her brother and she reciprocated his sloppy kiss. She then took Anthony’s hand toward her husband to give him a good old Pameni brother hug.

The poor groom didn’t know what he was in for. Anthony stepped on his left foot, head butted him in the chest , tugged his hair then bear hugged him; all in succession, leaving the poor chap dazed. Everyone laughed and in unison Sarah’s family yelled “Welcome to the family Cliff!”

His father –in- law Mr. Pameni patted him firmly yet gently on the back. “You just got Tony hazed. Don’t take it to heart son. It’s his way of showing male affection.” Cliff nodded sheepishly and was ushered to sit on the lawn where he was spruced up again by the makeup artist. Sarah had known this was going to happen; she got over blaming Anthony for ‘ruining’ her special occasions as a teenager. She learnt that not all things that seemed weird were wrong or embarrassing, especially when it came from a genuine loving heart like Anthony’s.


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