There was a general exhaustion he had of trying new things. The excitement existed for a few months then it would die down. Victor was at work for the first time in 3 years, not that he had a problem getting a job. Victor just applied for jobs then turned them down because he could. You see he was a master of no trade, but the man could spin everything from aero technical what not to creating grandiose pieces of art work. Whatever tickled his fancy he pursued!

His new job was as a flight attendant it was with a rather unknown domestic flight. No he wasn’t the rapping flight attendant trying to spruce things up. Since the longest flights were an hour and a half he thought it would be better to chat up bored customers. Not that many people took the flight; so at half capacity and people spaced out, Victor would chat people up as he served them.

This fine Sunday afternoon, was a particularly interesting flight. It had been a rather boring week. Flights filled with tight lipped passengers whose halitosis saturated the plane when they placed orders for drinks. On Sunday, a rather interesting group rocked onto the plane. The group adorned torn tees and jeans, showing off piercings and tattoos.

Victor was overjoyed to host such exotic black Kenyans in the plane. He found out that they chose to break from the norm. 3 gents born and bred in Nairobi’s North side and two ladies with a strong Rastafarian look and smell, grew up in Nairobi’s west side. This group was on its way to Malindi together for the first time. 10 minutes in flight, a fight ensued between two of the chaps; what started out as a need for a ‘herbal’ fix turned out to be a revelation of a warped love triangle.

Ronny, Petero and Nana were all gay. Nana, being the more outwardly appealing, was a heart throb to the other two gents. Ronny and Nana had been involved for a while, at some point Nana got bored and considered a sex change that is where the two ladies came in. The ladies were also considering a surgical option when they met Nana at a support group.

Victor got all this information from an hour’s flight. He and the other two crew members had to intervene when Ronny almost gouged out Nana’s eye for being a “man whore” and cheating on him with their mutual best friend Petero. Petero was also being kicked violently by Nana for opening his big mouth and snitching on him. In the mean time the girls took advantage of the situation and let their herbal ecstasy saturate the plane on a non-smoking flight.

Needless to say, the pilot landed the plane ‘high’ with an equally inebriated crew and some bloodied passengers. With all that action and almost losing his operating license, Victor is glad he took this job.


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