With every huff and puff of the vengeful wind, Vera’s dress tossed and lifted revealing her supple thighs to bystanders. She was stuck between keeping her mane in check or let her dress violently disobey her gestures to keep it from rising above her head.

“Look! Moonwalking!” a young lad yelled out in laughter. An elderly lady was trying to walk against the winds current but was left helplessly walking backwards. A tirade of twigs could be heard breaking off trees and smacking into windshields. Cars slowly opted to park in basements and underground parking lots away from the violent winds.

At exactly 2pm the sky fell pitch dark, buildings lights went on in response. Vera was cold, alone and scared. From her phone she listened to latest updates on the news, it was useless. Why did she even bother wearing the frock? The heels made walking even more impossible than normal and her audition for the role she desired fell apart.

Everything was in shambles literally. Part of her weave was lopsided, ripped off by the strength of the wind. She was partially bleeding on her scalp. And one heel had broken off. It wouldn’t have been obvious had it only been a 2 inch heel, but with 5 inches, she looked handicapped walking the way she did. She looked like she was going up a stair with one leg and the other fixed on the ground floor.

“Bastard lied.” She screamed muffled by the violent winds. Vera’s life, like the city was in shambles and nothing was about to get better. Vera removed her heels and ran to the nearest basement. As she ran she heard a large crack, then groan, she turned slightly blinded by the leaves violently blown in the air. She saw a spark and then ran screaming. The large tree was heading straight at her for landing.


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