Lala mistress

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Went the clock, another minute, another hour, but nothing had changed. The lady tossed and turned, stretched and moaned as she slept. Every day she slept for 18 hours unfazed by the time that was lost. Sleep was her new god. For the 6 hours she was awake, she spent it plunked in front of a TV screen. Food wasn’t all that to her, but sleep was everything.

Sleep took her to realms reality never could. Hannah was a kung fu fighting, arms wielding salvation of the world in Lala land. Everything she wished she could be she was; she was a fancy TV show host with a body to kill one day, the other a soldier defending her country, the next night she was a Shaolin priest; at peace with mankind and God sharing wisdom and spiritual insights.

Hannah knew that was impossible in her daily life, the only thing that kept her sane and aware she was dreaming was the Tick! Tock! Of the clock and the relentless drip! Drip! Drip! From the IV tube keeping her alive. The IV gave her what she now needed; pain relief and sleep. Hannah had been hospitalized for six months, her reality was dull. Lala land made things bearable, hopeful and less painful.

Hannah was cycling in the morning, when a sleepy trailer driver lost control, and the shipping containers rolled off an ill secured rear. There was a pile up on the highway, and one car that swerved to avoid the pile up, rammed itself up against Hannah on the cyclists lane. Where Hannah rammed up against the nearby escarpment, most of her bones were broken up into pieces in her upper body, her left leg was amputated on the site. Even after surgery her leg was completely rejected by her body and was amputated again.

Unusual to this kind of accident, Hannah’s face escaped unscathed, her beauty was radiant despite all the bruising and swelling on other parts of her body. Despite her radiant countenance there was something about her bruising that told a completely different story.


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