Matrimonial Tragedy

The organ played Mendelssohn’s classic, the bride didn’t march, she glided down the aisle, her veil was very lacy; you could barely see her face… well up until her bright teeth shone through in a broad smile as she drew close to her parents. The groom stood tall, ironic to his minuscule stature. His bow tie was crooked, his best man quickly noticed and jumped at it to straighten it out.  The groom smiled nervously.

The bride’s parents took her by the hand and her mother began to well up. The bride reached the alter, a bouquet of daffodils in hand. The priest clad in a cassock inched forward and asked, “And who gives this woman to this man?”

The bride’s parents chorused and gazed into each other’s eyes as they said, “we do” handing over their only daughter to her husband to be. When that happened, the joy and muffled tears from the congregation was broken by the sound of shattered glass. A stained glass window had cracked wide open and a ghastly breeze shot through the cathedral; hats were violently ripped off hair and tossed around. Bare hair now stood frizzy and unkempt. Those close to the stain glass window got cut by the flying glass and screams spread from the back to the front of the cathedral.

The groom dove to the ground on top of his bride, his diminutive frame only covering the bride’s upper body. As they lay on the ground he lifted her veil and gazed into her eyes. “It will all be alright. You’ll see.” The brides face went pale and he mascara began to flow down her chocolate face. “Brian, hold my hand.” She cried out.

He reached down for her hand and was met with a cold sensation, he lowered his eyes to look at his hand; it was covered in blood. Whose blood? Brian had no idea. The screams in the church got louder and the breeze stronger, more stain glass windows shattered, the smell of blood began to fill the air. “This can’t be happening. God please don’t!” The bride screamed. The groom rubbed her back and kissed her face. “Baby, it is going to work out just fine.”

The groom asked the bride to stay where she was, he would be back. As he stood, some debris flew and hit him right between his eyes and he fell cold on his bride. She screamed a blood curdled cry. Then everything went dark. The screams grew louder, more prolonged and the air became thick with some sort of fog. The cries now began to mix with violent coughs, spitting and violent sneezing.


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