Breaking point

Alarm went off! Angela hit snooze. An hour went by and the alarm went off again seeming louder this time! She pushed it off the bedside table near her bed and Clang! It was shattered. Angela let out a moan, like a cow being slaughtered and turned again.

She heard another distant piercing ring.

“What the hell?! I thought I killed that damn thing.” She said throwing her duvet off of her and sliding out of bed reluctantly to the direction of the sound.

She bent over the mound of clothes on the floor lazily. She stepped on something, then kicked the clothes. The sound got louder. She erected herself and stared at the ceiling, rolled her eyes and growled again.


Then she bent over again tossed the clothes aside and voila! There it was. She muttered something derogatory and then stood up. Her eyes squinted adjusting to the bright screen on her phone.

“It’s only 8 am.” she muttered. “Wait! What day is it?” She takes a quick glare at her phone showing the day and date.

“Darn it! Tuesday!”

Angela loathed every waking day. Her usual prayer before she slept was something God either delighted in not answering, or chose to ignore.

“Kill me God!” That is the one prayer she would not mind God answer instantaneously. “It really isn’t much for you.” She despaired.

It was now 8.45am. Angela was ridiculously late to work. She dragged her feet to the kitchen opened her fridge and stared inside deciding what to have for breakfast. She got a can of left over baked beans, whipped out three eggs and the loaf of bread. She put them on the counter and helped herself to some yoghurt. She served herself and sat, savouring every bit. When she finished she turned on the gas, realised she had run out of milk for tea.

“Darn it!”

Angela whipped up the baked beans, toast and an omelette, she chugged it down and washed it with the last bit of concentrate cordial in the fridge.

Again! The animal-at-the-slaughter inspired moan. She held her forehead.

“BRAIN FREEZE!!!!” She shouted.

Now wide awake and brain partially defrosting she dashed to the loo, flushed and hit the shower and hell fire visited. Again! The moan.

Face flushed and body steaming from hell’s furious shower, she trudged even more defeated to her room. She looked at her wardrobe draped in all her dripping glory. The wardrobe had nothing in it but a dress, a party “I had too much to drink and woke up in a random man’s bed” dress. The rest was in her laundry basket. She bent over and lifted some shirts and smelled them. A sniff followed by a sneer. She picked a trouser, saw a yellow stain, picked at it then licked it.

“Mmmh! Mustard!” She licked again to clean it off and threw it on the floor.

She shrugged, was tempted to call the office, now at 10am, to give a lame excuse.

“What the hell!”

She slapped on lotion, roll on and shrugged as she reached to the lone silver sequined mini halter neck dress. It was so tight she couldn’t wear any underwear. She twirled in front of the mirror and let out a sinister laugh.

“I.T expert my arse! Hehehehe!?” Angela walked out her front door, hand bag in hand and sneakers on her feet. It was 11am time to get to work.


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