Adolph & I

I told him that his moustache looked cheesy. He didn’t care for my remarks, after all the world was in his hands; well almost. If he could rule the world with that cheesy thing then being trendy wasn’t all a man needed to win a girl over.

He was sweet to me when we first met. Goodness, Dolphy still blows me away. You see we were at a rally, like everyone else, I had gone to meet this great orator. Stories had been told that he was invincible; his charm would impregnate women who would bear his children without any physical contact.

I have a soft spot for tall men, but when his eyes met mine at a rally, that fine Friday, I made a compromise. I knew Dolphy saw me. That afternoon the sun was kind and gentle, it was dishing out warm kisses to everyone. Cheeks were shiny and bright, children chuckled with laughter, some with ice lollies in hand with streaks of red, yellow or orange running down their cheeks. My dress was flapping in the wind and would occasionally lift slightly to reveal my supple mid thighs. I loved it when it did that; the sun would kiss and warm me up. It was an afternoon full of fuzzy feelings.

Couples walked, hand in hand gazing in each other’s eyes. Women twirled their sun umbrellas, men holding their gem’s firm at the waist and closer to their hearts. It was…how can I say it? It wasn’t just love… it was heavenly. Beauty, love and innocence filled the air. Then from out of nowhere, the ground beneath my feet began to shake.

A great force was moving towards me, there was no fear, just curiosity. Crowds formed and I pushed to the front to where we were now being cordoned off. I wondered what this was all about. Then as I craned my neck to see; there he stood majestic, powerful, yet his eyes said something different. There was a childlike cry for love. There he was…. Dolphy!

He stood and spoke. I heard nothing. I was enchanted by the movement of his supple lips. The warmth caused a slight sweat that run from the left side of his temple, down his neck, his piercing blue eyes beckoning me. His eyes moved through the crowd and zoned in on mine. I knew from that moment on that I was his.

After the address, before Dolphy turned his back on the crowd, he beckoned me out of the crowd. I walked to him and that was the beginning of a love that the world would never understand.


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