Awkward love

Fat people, tall people, emaciated, fit, big lips, thin lips, fish lips, sexy lips, tight thighs, flabby arms, kegs for bellies and six pack. Some skipped to an invisible tune, in joy, in love, in hope. Some trudged along grumpy, frustrated in a miserable daze.

Then one chap passed by, a head balded in three sections; towards the back of his head, at his crown and his forehead. It looked like three adjacent helipads on his head. His hair was salt and peppery growing around the helipads as tall as the savannah grass.

And when he smiled… Boy! His teeth seemed to be in layers of shades the molars at the back, looked egg yolk yellow, closer to the front, his teeth were egg yolk brown with a smudge of white at the tip and a the top of his tooth a layer of dirt brown. It was unusual. His gums had a little lace of pink closer to his teeth and then a tar black layer sealing in his teeth into an awkward crooked position.

His teeth overlapped at the front, it looked like they were playing footsie under his gum. The teeth at the back seemed too small for his magnanimous jaw. They looked like the little maize seeds at the top of a ripe cob.

His clothes were silky sleek; a grand royal purple shirt whose collar, was raised to hide his Ostrich long neck. The shirt’s sleeves opened up from the elbow like a funnel that had sucked in a reedy arm. His abdomen hugged the shirt, his distended belly made him look like he suffered from Kwashiorkor. He occasionally scratched it and patted it. As if with every motion he communicated to someone in there.

His legs made everything weird, they were VAST! His thighs looked like sausages ready to rip out of their casing. His feet looked like a clown’s only this time the shoes were actually made to fit. He had an unusual disproportional body that was a muse to many. But no one brought it up. He was a really nice man. His heart was in the right place and he was so generous. He wasn’t good to look at, well at least to most; except for one drop dead gorgeous woman; Amanda. Amanda fell in love with him the first time she came to visit and set her eyes on him.

Amanda was the kind of girl who could have any man she wanted. All she needed to do was show up. And they would be at her every beck and call. She made Beyoncé and Halle Berry combined look ugly. She was a stunning, almost divine, beauty. 


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