Ndiwa’s Wonder!

“One, two, three….no start again.” Truphosa demands.

“Ok,….wa! Six! Are you for real?” Scholastica was dumbfounded

They look at each other and nodded with a look of confirmation on their faces. They run out of the room and met with their mum in the corridor. She was on the way to their room to find out where they were.

“What were the two of you doing?” She asks knowingly.

“Nothing!” they chorus, with guilt written all over their faces.

Mum looks at both of them suspiciously. They look down cheekily.

“Go to the living room and sit there….DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!”

Scholastica and Truphosa nod sheepishly and dart to the living room and plunk themselves on the couch.

Mum watched them as they ran off and stared at the guest’s room, the door was ajar. She walked up to the door and knocked. The guest was dead asleep. He had just arrived on a night bus from Ndiwa.

She noticed that one foot was protruding from the blanket. She froze. Then the guest moved and exhaled heavily. Mama quickly stepped back and slowly shut the door and walked briskly to the living room. She had this, “I swear I did not see that.” Look on her face.

She got to the living room and wagged her finger reprimanding her daughters.

“Where were you when I called you earlier?”

Scholastica opened her mouth as if to say something. Truphosa quickly turned to her, scowled and elbowed her in the ribs and she expelled a curdled cry.

Mum slowly began to peel her belt off. Truphosa was always bulling her kid sister. And always was the ring leader in some form of disastrous expedition.

“You were in the guests room weren’t you?” Mum now gently slapping her belt across her palm and indication of what was to come.

Scholastica expelled an answer still in agony from the bony elbowing of her ribs. “Yes! She made me do it!” pointing at Truphosa. Truphosa’s eyes welled in anger, her eyes reddening.

“When the guest wakes up you will apologise for invading his privacy.” Mum demanded.

Truphosa mumbled something in defiance.

“Did you hear me Truphosa and Scholastica?”

Scholastica nodded as she clenched her sides in pain, now sobbing.

“No TV! Sit there and think about what you have done. And Scholastica move away from your sister. Sit here.” She gestured to where she should move to.

Mum walked away once Scholastica had moved. When her back was facing the children she had a smirk on her face. What the children did not know, that Mama did, was the tale of the twelve toed Odongo that she had told them was not a lie. He lived. And he was, in their guest bedroom.


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