Ebony gawd

She had just drawn water from the river and was on her way home with the bucket balancing on her head. Suddenly a herd of cows came out of nowhere. Aluoch fell while trying to avoid them from ramming into her. After what felt like a gush of 500 cows past her, she could hear singing in a pleasant tenor voice draw closer to her. She saw shiny muscular calfs, and a ripped pair of stained white jeans. Her eyes steadily rose to a bold, shiny chiseled chest with strong broad shoulders that commanded attention. A body crafted like Lwanda Magere and a smile similar to the temptress that led Nyamgondho to the lake. His face shone like the noon day sun, his teeth, mighty and grand like his gait.

This god like man’s gaze caught Aluoch’s stare, she, now lying limply on the ground. He reached down and offered his hand to help her to her feet.

“My apologies. I am Kelembi. I apologize for almost running you over with my cattle.” Aluoch said nothing. She had this awkward feeling in her stomach, “it must be the mangoes I ate.” She thought to herself.

The awkwardness slowly moved from her stomach to her sweat glands, her fleshy nose now polka dotted with sweat. She was staring, she realised, and looked down, she noticed she was dusty. She dusted herself and lifted her now broken bucket.

“I can replace that for you. It’s the least I can do for the inconvenience I have caused.” Aluoch smiled sheepishly and then…

“Aluoch! Where are you?” A husky female voice called out.

“That’s my mother. I have to go.”

Aluoch ran off, and left the gorgeous ebony god dumbfounded. He stared as her little limbs flailed awkwardly, almost abnormally in the air as she ran home. He smiled and turned to the direction his cattle were.

He exclaimed and chuckled. He resumed his singing from where he had left off, as if there was a mental pause button, his voice lacing the air with a vocal aroma that got the tall grass around him dancing too.


4 thoughts on “Ebony gawd

  1. Absolutely! Drawing it from our African culture;- I think her mother must have thought a guy was wooing her on the way and as she blushed and bit her fingers the bucket fell and broke;- so her mama probably said something like this ” Tell him to buy me a new bucket! Or else you are going to live with him right this minute” Uh haha

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