Smelly fear


Something else was in the room. Every time it exhaled, there was a whistling sound followed by a foul smell. He couldn’t move. He had been in the darkness for so long he lost all sense of his surrounding.

He groped through the dark and his fingers stubbed against something wet with two holes. It was hairy and made unusual purring sounds. It must be an animal. But then again it could have been his mind playing games on him. He couldn’t remember the last time he saw light.

He curled himself up against the wall, hoping and praying that the hunger he felt would not befall the creature that he shared this closed room with. There was no light, he could not see at all. His ears were hyper sensitive; he could hear everything around him, the growls of the creature began to grow steadily and he could feel the creature move closer to him with every growl.

He arose and began to press himself against the wall, he had never moved from that corner since he awoke and found himself in that dark room. He pressed his back against the wall and steadily rose, his body was too much on his feeble legs, now shaking from the pressure. He could feel the familiar hot foul breath now a few inches from his face. He screamed at the top of his lungs. No one came.

The creatures, sloppy and lengthy tongue began to lick his face horizontally, the tip of its tongue fell limb after the third stroke. He screamed again. The animal did not flinch, he felt something crawling in to his ears, he went ballistic, hands slapping and fingers clawing into his ears to pull whatever insect had crawled in. He was flailing, he fell on the floor…..he couldn’t hear himself scream, it made him panic even more. He rolled on the floor and closed his eyes tight.

And then the creature’s hot breath kissed his face again, it was the end. He screamed hysterically, this time he could hear his voice. And when he opened his eyes, there it was on his chest with saliva dropping all over his face; Bruno his dog. The hot foul breath kissed him again; he turned and looked in the direction it came from.

“Honey, I told you to stop watching those horror movies. Now get up, it’s time to get ready for work.” His wife walked away and there he lay stunned and burst into a bout of hysterical laughter.



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