She wiggles her toes in the puddle of mud. The awkwardness of it isn’t apparent to her. She peels off her shoes torn at the tip, she lets each foot splash into the muddy rain pool on the dirt road. She doesn’t care. For once in her life she does not want to care. She just…she just wants to be.

Anna just wants to enjoy something and not care about what other people think of her. So she lets her toes sink in deeper into the muddy pool of water. She feels the mushy mud between her toes, occasionally squeezing it out from between her toes.

She slowly raises her head and faces the gloomy sky, her arms spread out on either side. She smiles at the sky and slowly a giggle begins to rise in her.

Her feet begin to turn her around in the pool. The giggle slowly progresses into a chuckle, her eyes tear and her body surges with such powerful joy. As her laughter grows to chuckles the sky clears. The gloom turns into sunshine.

Anna’s sunshine, she is alive, she is breathing, excited to be alive. And able to see and feel every inch of her existence and with no care in the world of what people say. She has found it. She has found what she has been looking for.

Her chuckle shatters her body and causes her to bend over to cradle her now aching tummy. She uses the back of her hand to wipe the joyful and purifying tears drowning her now glowing face.

“YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!” She screams over, and over, and over. This is a fresh start. Anna is alive, whole. And nothing is ever going to hold her back again, so she thinks.


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