Anthony Ng’ano?

Anthony walked funny. With every step he took, he always appeared as if one leg was trying to break free from the other in opposite directions and he would use his hands to try to bring them back together. He had an interesting make up, his eyes looked south east Asian, his dental formula looked very south Sudanese, his complexion was a weird kind of caramel. And he had a strong dominant west African jaw line, with long East African like fingers. And his hair was royal African kinky! When the wind blew his fro, the women grew terere green.

Anthony always had something to say. He could speak 9 different African languages. He laced in and out depending on where he was. Anyone who lived in Gweng’ knew him. No one knew much about him other than the usual village tale.

Word had it that Anthony was actually the son of an exotic mzungu. Not the usual run off the mill American or British, this mzungu was one of a kind, Kende. Anthony was named after this unusual white man, it was a name that no one could pronounce. His mother had been a secretary in a fancy NGO that the village fondly referred to as Kambi, which just meant company. To add emphasis they would say Kambi Maduong’. A large company. Anthony got the name Anthony after his mother arrived with him in the village.

The village vicar, and other concerned villagers made it clear that as part of their community all children needed to be baptized. Since no one understood what Anthony’s mum said, when she stated her son’s name. The Vicar quickly named him Anthony. The name started with the letter ‘A’ and it was the first name he thought of.

So here was Anthony, nothing was known of his mother other than where she worked. But they took to him as their own. Who wouldn’t? The unusual looking man had a way with words. Since he spoke nine languages some people were convinced that he was a product of an unusual mixed race man. A super mzungu breed as one villager put it.


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